Name two advantages of digital data as compared to analog data Custom Essay

A pulse train is shown on the oscilloscope below? Determine the period of the pulse.
The accompanying figure above is a multisim pop up screen for an Oscilloscope labeled with XSC1. The figure consists of two portions. The top portion of the figure is the black display screen with 6 X 12 grey grids. The bottom portion of the figure is the control panel along with the currents settings and readings. The top display of the oscilloscope shows a 2 division high peak-to-peak “non ideal” square wave with identifiable slope on the rise and fall times.
The period of this waveform occupies approximately 4.67 divisions wide.
Towards the far left of the screen, there is a blue triangle with a hanging line to indicate a start and stop measuring point on the time scale.
Towards the far left of the screen (at the end of division 12), there is a yellow small triangle with hanging blue lines to indicate a start and stop measuring point on the time scale.
These two points are called movable markers, so we can see the displayed measured values.
The settings on the bottom portion of the oscilloscope display shows the following values:

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