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Nowadays, the Internet technology is closely related to people daily living, which brings many convenience and benefit to people. However, with Internet technology is booming in last decade that also exposes many problems, such as Internet privacy and cyber crime. Therefore, Internet censorship is in order to make safety and healthy online environment, which is widely used by many organizations and groups. In the strict word to explain what Internet censorship is suppression the information to access and publish on the Internet. Usually Internet censorship is through following method to access control information. Firstly, non-technology censorship is quite similar to the traditional media; such as Internet content uses the regulations and laws to prohibit the information publishing. Secondly, technology censorship, which is use technical tools to ban the information, for instance, Internet protocol address blocking and domain name system filtering and redirection. What is more, it has many forms of censorship, which also for many different uses, but it mainly use for following purposes that are government monopolization, and prepublication review and licensing and registration. With more and more people start to use Internet, the censorship of

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