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My Language Experiences

TopicÿMy language experiences Order additional information -Write an essay in which you reflect on your own language learning experiences. Begin by describing briefly how, when, why, and to what extent you have acquired/learned/ developed/(forgotten?) each of the languages you know. Then discuss some (not all!) of the factors that you feel were or (are) the most important influences on your language learning. Finally, discuss how your own experience as a language learner might affect your language teaching philosophy and what you actually might do in the classroom. Consider your ?audience for this essay to be your classmates and me, as well as other language teachers who could learn from your experience and reflections. Questions to help you reflect: 1. How many languages do you ?know? 2. Do you consider yourself to be a ?good language learner? Why or why not? 3. How would you classify your use of each of the languages you know? (you might use terms like L1, L2, native, near-native, mother tongue, foreign, second, third, auxiliary, for specific purposes, reading only, etc) 4. How did you learn each of these languages (e.g., informal exposure, formal instruction, self-study, etc.)? 5. Did motivation play a role on how quickly you learned, the level of proficiency you reached, how much and for what purpose you use the language now, etc? Explain. 6. What other factors were (or still are) involved in how you learned and/or how you use each language? 7. Does your personal language learning experience affect the way you might teach in the future? Should it? Explain. ÿ

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