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My Corythosaurus(Cory)

The Corythosaurus went extinct about 75 million years ago. It was almost six and a half feet tall and was an estimated 30 feet long! It lived in the forests of North America, feeding on many plants, including Pine Needles, Cycads, Conifers, Ginkgos, Seeds, Twigs, and Magnolia Leaves. It also had a horn on its head that produced a loud boom when struck by wind. Its legs were short, but very muscular, which allowed it to run at higher speeds. My Corythosaurus, Cory, Could have survived extinction if, and only if, it had been mutated to have gills. With gills, the Cory was able to breathe underwater, but was still able to live on land. Cory had been born with gills, which is a dominant trait(TT, or Tt), which means that in order to have gills Cory must be born Homozygous Dominant,

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