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Micro Economics.

Study of individual behaviour individual industry education industry in australia 1. Find a recent news article covering the above topic. 2. Evaluate the article using Micro economic concepts. You should include: INTRODUCTION The essence of the story, Introduce the issue, who is interested in it and why. (150 WORDS) BODY The economic analysis Explain how you can present the issue in terms of Micro economic concepts and theories. (600 WORDS) EVALUATION Explain your view. Explain what actions you would recommend to the key players and/or policy holders. (200 WORDS) CONCLUSION Explain how the above analysis supports your conclusion . (150 WORDS) 3. provide graphs/charts/diagrams where necessary to enhance your presentation style. 4. Attach the copy of the article withthis assignment. Following are the good sources of the articles: › BRW › Economist › Australian Financial Review › Australian › Sydney Morning Herald › RBA/ABS › Proquest or any other data base

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