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Legal Exercise.

Answer the following questions, using a combination of the following resources available online and in any Library: Text Sources: (in library) North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) U. S. Supreme Court Reports (U.S) Index of N. C. Law (legal encyclopedia) Online Sources: ÿ (cases, news, blogs) North Carolina General Statutes Specialized Google sites Online : 1. What two men have made separate patent applications for a toilet splunger? 2. Acme Markets was party to an important U.S. Supreme Court case decided in June 1975, U.S. v. Park. What was found in the Acme Markets warehouses that caused the FDA to criminally prosecute the companys CEO? Was the CEO held criminally liable? In Library: 3. Using the N.C. General Statutes and/or the Index to N.C. Law, browse a topic of interest to you. Give the citation(s) for the information you found: Topic: N.S.G.S Topic title Index to NC Law 4th, What was the most interesting piece of information you found? -The following is my instructions: 1-The first two questions should not exceeded more than one page and a half ( the bulk of the homework should be focusing in the last question). 2-Use only the sources mentioned in the homework instructions above ( no outside sources pls).

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