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Juvenile Delinquents: Can They Still Be Our Future?

Children that commit crimes should have an opportunity to be rehabilitated while they are still young instead of becoming institutionalized at a vulnerable age. There is still a chance that these young criminals can still be a useful part of the community. They can be reeducated in the way that society operates, in cognitive development, social skills, job training and marketability. They can even become productive citizens instead of a complete drain on the economy and society as a whole. Juvenile delinquency is a prevailing problem in America. Arlen Egley and James C. Howell estimated that, In 2009, there were 28,100 gangs and 731,000 gang members throughout 3,500 jurisdictions in the United States (1).The numbers show rising and falling trends, but they have remained fairly steady over the last ten years. This study was done specifically for youth gangs and found that the primary reasons that these people are getting into trouble include sexual offense, substance abuse, and inter-gang conflict. Incarcerating these juveniles in an attempt to keep them off of the street is

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