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Julie Scheneckers Trial Liberty University

Julie Schenecker, a 53 year old woman, retired Army Russian Linguist and Interrogator, married to Army Col. Parker Schenecker was arrested January 27, 2011 for shooting and killing her two children, Beau,13, and Calyx, 16 in Tampa Fl. She is standing trial on April 28, 2014 for both counts of first-degree murder in Hillsborough County, Florida. Proceedings The defendant Julie Schenecker was born January 13, 1961 was 50 years of age when she was arrested for the murders of victims Beau and Calyx. Circuit Judge Emmett Lamar Battles will oversee the State v. Schenecker trial. Prosecutor James Jay Pruner, a graduate of Tulane University Law school in New Orleans, has represented the state in a number of high-profile murder trials will also be representing the state in this trial against defendant Julie Scenecker. Assistant State Attorney Stephen M. Udagawa will act as co-counsel or second chair to Mr. Pruner. Defense Attorney, Charles Traina, graduating from South Texas College of Law and spending most of his thirty year career as a defense attorney, works for the Public Defenders Office and will be representing Julie Schenecker. His co-counsel is Ms.

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