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Is everything an argument? Be attentive to the different kinds of argument the writers describe Custom Paper

1) Post your responses to chapter 1. Is everything an argument? Be attentive to the different kinds of argument the writers describe. Notice one sample, in any medium (such as photo, essay or story) of ceremonial, deliberative or forensic rhetoric and include this in your response. Discussion board responses should be about 2-3 well-formed paragraphs that utilize the skills you read about in your writing paragraph and essays text.

2) Read a few articles from any newspaper that you choose, and pick out one or more articles that you can evaluate using the definitions from your textbook. For example, decide if an article is using a forensic argument, an argument using pathos (emotion), a ceremonial argument, etc. etc. etc. Just apply the information you’ve read from the first few chapters of the text to evaluating the nature of the arguments in the newspaper that you have read. Then describe your findings in your response to this discussion board prompt. This should help you practice reading, deconstructing and writing about arguments like you are a newsreporter understanding the mechanics of the types of arguments that will help you in writing a compelling reporter story.

3) Focusing on chapter 2, look at arguments that change our emotional states and respond to the essay on page 864 called "The Start Up of You and Readers’ Responses." Write a response that details the essay’s use of emotional appeal and your response.

4) Continuing your role as a newsreporter, look at some political comic strips that change our emotional state and write about the argument in the comic. Additionally, in a separate paragraph, discuss a webpage about a personal, such as a biographical site, to discuss how an argument can be about a person’s character as it is discussed in chapter 3. You may pick a political candidate or other famous person.

5) Look at the guide to writing essays and the sample evaluation essays on pages 229-241 and consider these examples. Prewrite a few ideas for your evaluation essays by discussing your future topic, writing out a few ideas, or doing an outline. You might also respond to the English Composition Handbook reading in your response. Your evaluation essay must be a topic related to an essay from your "Everything’s an Argument with Readings" textbook.

6) This discussion board prompt has two parts. 1. Respond to a topic that matters to you, about which you will write two versions of a "letter to the editor" of any magazine or periodical you choose. Include the appropriate use of facts and reasons that are appropriate to your argument as outlined in chapter seven and eight. Consider chapter 8’s explorations of arguments about facts and definitions and ponder the strategies you might use in your letters to the editor. Your first letter to the editor should have a serious tone, and your second a comedic tone. In your comedic letter, you will use a fallacy (look at chapter 5 and the written lecture in Story 7 for a list of definitions) to show how its use dilutes the effectiveness of your argument. 2. Respond to the definitional arguments published at the back of chapter 9. Define what the argument is for the definition at stake, and list any criteria you see that support this definition.

7) After completing the assigned reading for this week, write a response to the essay on pg 871 and the video at

8) Look to the essay on p. 638 titled "Three Blog Postings from Deaf Expressions" by Michele J. Bornert and respond to the examples of humor in your discussion board response. Consider examples of humorous lines from the essay and if they evoke pathos and/ or ethos. Does this make the argument more convincing? What issues are the humorous arguments addressing? As an alternative, you may respond to Swift’s satirical essay "A Modest Proposal" if you like. The web link for the Swift essay is included in Story 10.

9) In chapter 14, focus on how to analyze visual arguments by reading the lists of questions on pgs 331-333 in the reading that guide you through this process, and then analyze the argument (pictures), keeping the model questions in mind to help you, and then on the discussion board write captions for three of the pictures that illustrates what argument the pictures is expressing. Throughout the chapter, there are many illustrations of visual arguments, including cartoons that use humor.

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