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International Sale of Goods.

Topic: ÿImpact of electronic commerce on the United Nation Convention on Contract for the International Sale of Goods (Chapter5) Preferred language style: English (U.S.) Chapter5 THE EFFORT OF INTERNATIONAL FORUM TO SOLVE THE IMPACT OF ELECTRONIC COMMERCE 5.1. The Role of International Chamber of Commerce and the Interpretation/Closing gaps of CISG by enforcing ICC eTerms 2004 5.2. The Interpretation/Closing gaps of CISG by enforcing Draft Convention on the use of E-Communication in International Contracts 5.3. Conclusion Chapter5 lacked of ?logical flow. It need to be explained why particular area were being discussed. you should analyse the effort of international forum to solve the impact of E-commerce in real details you could use a brief introduction as that sets the context for the reader as to why you are discussing the points you mention. you needed to focus on ensuring that you explain your points clearly and that you use plenty of academic comment to support your arguments 0. Dissertation Editing3 .doc ÿÿÿ 14:08 03 Aug 2011 ÿÿÿ 0.23Mb 1. CHAPTER 5 editing.doc ÿÿÿ 14:08 03 Aug 2011 ÿÿÿ 0.04Mb

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