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Intercultural conflict Essay Paper

Intercultural conflict analysis paper See the details attached.Intercultural conflict analysis paper You will create an individual paper discussing potential intercultural conflict between your members. The paper will be 2 pages and should contain a bibliography with at least 3 sources (1 of which must be scholarly) covering the following: – Introduce the team members and summarize their cultural backgrounds. – Identify potential conflicts. – Describe the strategies the team will use to resolve each potential conflict. – Create a plan to manage any intercultural challenges that may arise. The paper must include introduction with a clearly stated thesis statement; a body with separate paragraphs including: an introduction of each team member, identify potential conflicts, describe the strategies the team will use, and create a plan to manage conflicts; and conclusion. All sources must be properly cited in the text and listed under €œWorks Cited€ or €œReferences€ following the APA or MLA style manual.Here is the information about the team members: 1. Arianna Carr – african american 2. Rahma Mahdi- muslim american 3. Soledad Martinez -mexican 4. Lauren Rondenet -caucasian and asian The client is – african america

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