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Ice Cream Sandwich Custom Essay

This the format from my professor of how to write this paper
? No summary—just analysis.

? Focus on a theme or argument that is present in three or more of the readings. Discuss the them in detail in your intro and conclusion to your analysis.

? Add outside parallels and examples to enhance your analysis.

? include comparison/contrast analysis of 3 readings—one poem and one story minimum. Add how they compare and contrast by the theme.

? Include a minimum of 3 quotes/references from the assigned readings—at least one from each work. Use the ice cream sandwich technique to frame all quotes and references with analysis.

? Ice Cream Sandwich

Top Cookie: Set up the quote or reference with an analytical sentence or two of your own to introduce your purpose for this quote or reference. E.G. Adapting works of literature poses a problem of subjectivity and staying true to the original for the directors.

Ice Cream Filling: The quote or reference with page citation and/or film citation. Use a tag and a parenthetical page reference in correct MLA format.
E.G. According to John Desmond and Peter Hawkes, “filmmakers have difficulty adapting literature closely not because literature is too specific but because, at least in representing the physical world, it is too vague” (36).

Bottom Cookie: Interpret and analyze the quote.

Interpret what the quote is saying in your own words. E.G. what they are saying here is that the fact that literary descriptions can be so vague, it makes it difficult for the filmmaker to have the material he or she needs to create the scene. Therefore, a lot is left to the

director’s discretion.

Analyze the significance of that idea: As a result, many directors take a great deal of license in the decisions they make for the characters, the setting and the scene. Sometimes, audience members who have read the original work may have difficulty accepting the director’s vision because it is so subjective.

The paper instruction is
Write a typed full page response tying together an idea or a theme from this week’s reading. Be sure to include at least three of this weeks reading for quote/examples of the theme or idea that you analyze.

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