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For this assignment, write a 4-page educational report known as a white paper. According to Michael Stelzner, whose chapter, “A Primer on White Papers,” we will use for this project, a white paper is a persuasive document that usually describes problems and how to solve them. The white paper is a crossbreed of a magazine article and a brochure. It takes the objective and educational approach of an article and weaves in persuasive corporate messages typically found in brochures. (2)

White papers enable companies to educate, which is a white paper’s first priority, while offering a subtle persuasive marketing element. In fact, some white papers offer education only, preferring to use the white paper as a means to establishing a company’s or organization’s reputation

White papers are a smart, effective way to market products, educate readers, and persuade audiences. They are widely used in both technical and non-technical fields, and are highly sought-after by supervisors and consumers. The ability to produce a high-quality white paper is a critical technical writing skill. This assignment provides the opportunity to research a new trend, use creative document design, color, and infographics to present information.


1. Review Chapter 1 of Michael Stelzner’s book Writing White Papers.

2. Write a four-page white paper. Be sure to include all of the following elements:

a. Title page

b. Effective and interesting document design

c. Report body with appropriate citations and section headers

d. Integrated infographics (appropriate images and charts/graphs)

e. References presented in MLA format

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