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Human Rights & Disabilities

Human Rights & Disabilities Legal Status of the Human rights Abuse:Do the violations break domestic law or violate the violate the countrys constitution?Which international Human Rights or IHL treaties does the abuse violate?Has the country in which the abuse is happening signed are ratified the relevant treaties?What review protocols or conventions does the treaty have? If relevent, when is the next time the affected country comes up for review?Was the problem identified in the last country review at the UN and if so what steps were suggested or taken?(5 pages). Solutions/Resolutions:What human rights groups are working to end this Human Rights abuse?What strategies and tactics are they using or recommending? How much have they implemented those strategies and tactics? Are they making any progress-why or why not?(4) Conclusion:discuss how hopeful you are that significant progress will be made toward ending this abuse.Explain your point of view using logic and evidence. Also discuss how this case study in linked(if at all) to the general concepts,theories and topics of this class-be specific(2)

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