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Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development Compare and contrast the perspectives on learning presented by Zimmerman (2000), Wenger (2000) and Engestr??m (2001). What implications do these perspectives have for human resources development? Which do you think is (or are) more useful in the workplace and why? An assignment should be an argument. It should present a justified point of view. You should discuss a problem and not simply narrate events or describe an institution. It may be necessary to devote some space to narrative or description, but the major task will be the weighing and the assessing of evidence and arguing from that evidence to a solution of the problem. Have a clear idea of what the problem is and what is involved. Look at the problem from more than one perspective. Part of your task is to assess and criticise the work of other writers, over and above any sourced from prescribed subject readings. Also, wherever possible, you should provide recent and relevant evidence to support your argument.

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