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Topic:ÿ3 hotels Description: [?] Preferred Language Style: English (U.S.) Compare between (Westin, Omni, and Hyatt) hotels, as a marketing manager < What will happen to me > If you worked as a marketing manager for Westin or Omni or Hyatt, What are the advantages of being a Westin or Omni or Hyatt (talk about advancements and promotions mostly because this is the aim of my writing) < of course you need all facts, all based on research! At least you want 3 advantages; you can use the following examples: › First: How long does it take get a promotion < What Kind of job title you will get after the promotion. (advancement) › 2 Is there any increase in the salary? What it the percentage of increase? Compare between 3 hotels, Is there any other promotions or offers you will get rather than the salary. › 3- Any other advantage you see, maybe each Hotel manager will get a special benefit compared to the other hotels, find that thing for me < for the marketing managers. Remember my job in this research is to focus in the advancement.

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