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Inquiry Question: What causes high school students to dropout? Citation: Baker, Wanda L. High School Dropout: Perceptions and Voices of African American and Hispanic Students. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin 78.2 (2012): 50-6. ProQuest. Web. 15 Oct. 2014. Genre: Trade Journals. Purpose: examine the students perspectives including the reasons that drive students to drop out of a diverse suburban high school in the district of southeast Texas. Audience: students, teachers,parents, high schools across the country, public school districts. Summary: In the text Wanda Baker explains how bad the dropout rate is especially when it comes to Hispanics and African Americans. She asserts that dropouts not only affect the students, but their parents, families, and schools at statewide and national levels. Author authority: assistant principal at Cypress Ridge High School in Houston Texas, a member of Delta Kappa Gamma since 2004, serves as president of Lambda Alpha Chapter in Texas and has a membership in the Texas CouncilofWomenSchoolExecutives and the Texas Association of Secondary Schools Principals. Publisher or Sponsor authority: Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is a credible publisher because the database gives the information. Relevance to my inquiry question: The article contributes to

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