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Health Promotion for Multi-Cultural Populations

Topic:ÿHealth Promotion for Multi-Cultural Populations Description: [?] Preferred language style: English (U.S.) Cultural Competence & Cultural Tailoring Culture & Acculturation Acculturation = degree to which an ethnic group has adopted the attitudes, values and behaviors of a host country (e.g., U.S.) Measuring Acculturation What kinds of things change when a person from another country adopts the lifestyle (values, attitudes, behaviors) of a new country? Language Food Friends Identity Media Fashion Framework for Acculturation Cultural Orientation of Health Professionals Do you think the cultural awareness of health professionals affects clients and health programs? Why or why not? How? Cultural Competence Definition The capacity of health professionals to understand and plan for the health needs of a specific cultural subgroup Why is cultural competence an important skills for health professionals? Cultural Orientation Continuum: What is your level of cultural competence? Developing Cultural Competency What did you learn about what skills are needed to work with people from other cultures? Openness and flexibility Willingness to learn about our differences Continual process of self-awareness and learning Question How can health professionals improve our cultural competence? Planning Health Promotion Culturally Sensitive Programs Due to scope and complexity of process, a model/framework is needed. Cultural Assessment Framework (text authors). Cultural Tailoring Definition Methods used by health promotion planners to adapt their programs to the unique cultural needs and characteristics of their client audience Cultural Tailoring (Cont.) Provides a way to focus more directly on specific cultural factors, e.g. values, beliefs, and traditions of a particular group that influences behavior related to health. Cultural Assessment Framework Provides practitioners and health educators with an assessment approach for understanding similarities and differences between mainstream culture and other ethnic groups targeted for intervention. Cultural Assessment Framework 5 major levels of assessment: Culture or ethnic group demographic characteristics. Culture or ethnic group epidemiological and environment characteristics. General & specific cultural or ethnic characteristics. General & specific health care beliefs. Western healthcare service delivery variables. Culture or Ethnic Group Demographic Characteristics Age Gender Social Class & Status Literacy Language Religion Occupation/Income Residence Acculturation & Assimilation General & Specific Cultural Characteristics Cosmology (World View) Time Orientation Perceptions of Self Norms, Values, Customs Communication Patterns Final Comment Regardless of target group, health problem, setting, etc., the selection of intervention and activities must be based on a sound rationale that considers cultures and the health behaviors or changes sought in that target group.

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