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Health and Socio-Political Issues.

Topic:ÿhealth and socio-political issues in aged care 11 references. Details of the assignment: This assessment asks you to complete a case study describing how older people in Australia are represented in policy, law and legislation and health/social service delivery. Your case study should provide a brief assessment of how service delivery supports healthy aging expectations. YOU MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 1- The discussion includes an introduction to sociological theory and its importance to health care policy (worth 5 marks) 2- Discussion includes factors that influence social policy (worth 5 marks) 3- Discussion includes the health inequities and health care priorities for older people relevant to Australia (worth 5 marks) 4- Discussion focuses on one sociological issues: eg gender, poverty, social class, ethnicity (mark 2) and explains why this issue has been chosen (worth 3 marks) and hoe it is relevant to health care in the future ( worth 5 marks). 5- Discussion links the chosen sociological issue to health care priority and how this inequity can be addressed in the future within Australia. Discussion uses current and relevant scholarly literature. (worth 10 marks) 6- Uses correct GRAMMAR, SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION. You correctly applies the conventions of IN-TEXT CITATION and for the reference list for APA referencing style. (worth 5 marks)

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