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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Of the 75,768 claims filed through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the fiscal year 2006, 30.7% were gender related (Sipe, Johnson, and Fisher 339). Most of these gender related accusations are gender discrimination. Stephanie Sipe and Donna K. Fisher, both professors at Georgia Southern University, and C. Douglas Jonson, a professor at Georgia Gwinnett University, states Gender discrimination occurs when employers make decisions such as selection, evaluation, promotion, or reward allocation on the basis of an individuals gender (342). Most of the time gender discrimination is subjected towards women in the work field, where women are thought as being lower than males in the same organization. In todays world, society has come a long way since the general stereotyping of men bringing home the bacon and the women staying home to cook it. Today, women are out in the workplace working alongside the opposite sex. Even though the general feminist stereotype has been extinguished, women are still not promoted as widely as men in the workplace. On the contrary to the first definition of gender discrimination, Julie Walters, an Oakland University professor, and Connie L. McNeely, a George

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