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Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

The founding of the United States defeated many odds. In The Generation, it stresses how incredible it is that the U.S. has survived this long as a republic nation. It points out that it is the longest living republic to ever have existed. There were several things that were phenomenal about the founding of the United States. Every event leading up to the founding of the young nation was unprecedented. This means there had been no examples previously set to help the founders follow a correct path toward creating a striving nation. Ellis points out that it is easier to look back on what has already happened than to figure out a problematic situation on ones own. A republic had never been developed amongst a nation as large as the original thirteen colonies. It would be extremely difficult to control especially when the land had no history of cooperating with each other, other than to defeat the British. This is demonstrated by the natives and explorers during the late fifteenth century. There was much fear that the colonies would turn into separate small nations with

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