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Fishing Technologies Must Be Changed

Human kind has been reaping the benefits of our planets various water sources since biblical times. Whether it has been with nets, spears, trolls, traps, hooks, seines, long lines, or any other practice, fishing technologies have been getting more and more advanced over time with the ultimate goal being quite simple: catch more fish. Although it may seem all good and well to pull as many fish as humanly possible out of the sea, in laymans terms, it quite simply is not. The exponential advancement of fishing technologies throughout the course of history has led to the exhaustion of our waters resources, biodiversity, ecological health and ultimately the depletion of worldwide fish stocks. In this article our speaker aims to not only to prove his argument of fact that fishing technologies need to changed, but also educate his readers and call an industry to action. Through various appeals to pathos, logos, and mythos the speaker is able to engage with his readers on a more personal level and begin to justify his argument. Through the historical examination of fishing technologies in recreational practice, the attainment of sustenance

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