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Your search film Instructions: # (1)In the film ?On the waterfront(1954), arrange the following events in chronological order (A) Charlie is killed (B)Terry meets Edie (C)Father Barry punches Terry (D)Terry lures Joey up to the roof (E)Terry testifies before the crime Commission (F)Dugan is killed #(2) Give an example of non diegetic and diegetic elements in the movie and tell whats the difference. #(3) For each of the following events from On the waterfront, indicate whether the event is part of the story, part of the plot, or both. Briefly explain each of your answer (A) The drums on the soundtracks as Terry gets his instructions from Johnny Friendly in the films scene (B) Dugans murder (C) Dugans testimony to the Crime Commission (D) Terry taking a dive in the ring so Johnny Friendly can win a bet. #(4)Watch the opening 00:21:45 of Unforgiven(1992). describe Williams Munnys (Clinton Eastwood) opening balance. Identify three disordering events that precipitate the protagonists dramatic crisis. Explain how each disordering events disrupts his balance and draws him into the storys conflict. Be specific did not return any Web search results.

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