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Faith Integration.

Order Description 1. Faith integration essay ? Selected topics related to the Christian faith will be integrated into the course content. These concepts will include: 1) Elder abuse, 2) Patients ? Rights, 3) End-of-life issues, 4) Concept of healing, and 5) Concept of health. ? A one-page paper to be submitted incorporating Biblical references for one of above topics as it relates to clinical practice in the geriatric setting will be completed by the student. ? Must be in APA 6th edition format with a minimum of two (2) references . ? Participate in a post-conference discussion regarding ethical and spiritual issues encountered during clinical practice References should be posted as below per APA format (author, date, title (Italic), page (if any), website link) BOOK ? APA format (author, date, title (Italic), page/s (if any), Place of Publication and publisher) ? Suggestion/s: ? Ledlow, G. and Coppola, N. (2011). Chronology of Leadership Study and Practice. In Leadership for Healthcare Proffessionals (p. 79). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC ONLINE ? APA format (author, date, title (Italic), website link) ? Blake, R., Mouton, J. (2010) The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid Leadership Self Assessment Questionnaire. The Vision Council. Retrieved on March 2015 from Example Intro We aimed to assess the relation between spiritual well-being, depression, and end-of-life despair in terminally-ill cancer patients (McClain, Rosefeld, Breibart, 2003) body Link statement with explanation/examples Life is beautiful (McClain et al., 2003) conclusion References: McClain, Colleen S. Rosefeld, Breibart, (2003). Effect of spiritual well-being on end-of-life despair in terminally-ill cancer patients. Retrieved on April 2015 from

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