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Evaluation of Rural Health & Associated Factors

The problem of malnutrition is a complex and difficult in rural Maharashtra, India. Malnutrition is caused by mechanisms traversing the social, political and economic arenas. Addressing the problem in a systematic way requires understanding the complex causes malnutrition. The principle ones are lack of access to clean water and poor sanitation leading to high frequency of avoidable diseases, lack of access to pre-natal and postnatal care, socio-cultural causes related to the low status of women in many communities. This results in lack of opportunity for women to gain access to education, knowledge and economic opportunity, inadequate access to food resulting from seasonal shortages, and poverty and lack of access to resources such as land, irrigation, and forest (Sandosham & Winder, 2008). Food security, feeding and health seeking practices, the status of women, and availability of health care are only some of the factors that determine the nutritional status. Besides malnutrition spans generations, a low weight baby girl grows into a malnourished mother who delivers a low birth weight baby. Reduction of malnutrition thus needs to

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