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Evaluation of Antidiabetic activity of certain plant active principles on streptozotocin induced Diabetes – A combinatoric approach

Need of Review of Literature
1. Diabetes Mellitus— 16 Pages
2. Gymnema Sylvestries — 4 Pages
3. Curcumin (Curcuma Longa)– 4 Pages
4. Forskolin — 2 Pages
5. Quercetin — 4 Pages

Every thing should be related to diabetes and its complications

References from 205-2015 should be used

Need of Review of Literature 1. Diabetes Mellitus— 15 Pages (It should contain more about type 2 diabetes about recent statistics, types, complications, drugs used for diabetes with sideeffects, metabolic effect of insulin and insulin resistance, oxidative stress and diabetes, Antioxidants and Mechanisms of Antioxidant Actions, obesity and insulin resistance and herbal medicine and formulation for diabetes) 2. Gymnema Sylvestries — 5 Pages Contraindications/ allergies, Dosage and Administration, Toxicity Studies, Mechanism of action of Gymnemic Acids, Antidiabetic Activity, Antioxidant Activity, Antiobesity study/ Weight control, Hypolipidaemic activity 3. Curcumin (Curcuma Longa)– 4 Pages Bioavailability of Curcumin, toxicity, curcumin for diabetes mellitus,cardiovascular disease, Antioxidant Effect of curcumin, Wound Healing, Curcumin Inhibits LDL Oxidation, Anti-Inflammatory activity 4. Forskolin — 3 Pages Warnings and Contraindications, Dosage and Administration , Mechanism of action, Clinical Indications, Cardiovascular Disease, Glaucoma, Obesity and Weight Loss 5. Quercetin — 4 Pages Toxicological studies of quercetin, Acute and sub chronic Toxicity Studies, Safety of Quercetin, Preparation and Dosages, Absorption, metabolism and bio-availability, Anti-oxidative Action, Diabetes Mellitus, Coronary Heart Diseases, Hypertensio Every thing should be related to diabetes and its complications. Please try to include all the topics in review of literature with exact dose and mechanism of action.

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