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Epidemiology is study of disease

Epidemiology is study of disease, collection of data and info, to identify patterns and causes of disease. Is used by governments, health related organizations, to obtain picture of health status of a population, data is in relation to births, deaths, disease incidence and prevalence, limitations: does not always show variations in health status of pop sub groups(ATSI) doesnt indicate quality of life, cant provide whole health picture, cant explain why inequities persist. Identifying priority health issues: to determine it priority need to consider a number of factors: social justice principles( SED supportive environments, equity, diversity. address inequities in health among cultural subgroups ATSI) priority population groups (Rural Elderly Disabled Socioeconomically disadvantaged ATSI Overseas born) prevalence of a condition (total number of cases) potential for prevention, early intervention( most disease suffered by aussies are result from poor lifestyle

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