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Environmental Science Study Guide

Environment- everything around us. Including nonliving things (air, water, and energy) Environmental science- an interdisciplinary study of how humans interact with the living and nonliving parts of their environment. Ecology- the biological science that studies how organisms or living things interact with one another. Ecosystem- A set of organisms within a defined area or volume that interact with one another and with their environment of nonliving matter and energy. Natural capital- the natural resources and natural services that keep us and other forms of life alive and support our human economies. Resource- anything that we can obtain the environment to meet our needs and wants. Perpetual resource- is a continuous supply of solar energy. Renewable resource- a resource that takes anywhere from several days to several hundred years to be replenished through natural processes. Sustainable yield- the highest rate at which we can use a renewable resource without reducing its available supply. Reuse- involves using a resource over and over in the same form. Recycling- involves collecting waste materials and processing them into new materials. Economic growth- is an increase in a nations output of goods and services. Gross domestic product

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