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English 101 Dear Monsieur de Tocqueville,

In 2008, we elected a new President and it seems that all people do is blame and complain about him, with Obama this, Obama that. The president has become the idol for blame to the American citizens. This blame can be seen all over the media, blaming him for the economy crisis, Obama care, and supposedly not passing laws that could better the United States. Now, Obama Care was a law created by the president for affordable health care. It was made to offer more benefit rights to the lower and middle class citizens. The American people have had this thought in their heads throughout his entire presidency that Obama was the cause of the economic crisis. This is actually extremely untrue, but it seems like the people of America love to use the leader as a scapegoat in a way. Obama came after President Bush and even then, people blamed him for something he could not help. Obama was simply left with a mess and it takes time to fix. I did some research and what I found helps my argument towards the people scapegoating

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