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Elements of Argument

For hundreds of years there had been only one excepted way of written argument, which was Aristotles model. Now there are several more, including Rogers and the Toumlin Rhetorics. Every day we face different situations, some good some bad. When the one situation comes up where you are left in disagreement with another person, have you ever thought of how you can argue over the matter? Clearly most do not, and will argue their point until they win or the other person finally understands. I can honestly say I have never thought of how I will argue any matter, until I read about three different forms of written arguments in our text book in English class. In this paper we will go over the three different forms by Aristotle, Carl Rogers, and Stephen Toulmin. Each has their own effective way to get to the point of the argument. The Aristotelian and Toulmin Models are good forms of argument. Though with the Rogerian method the way he uses his empathetic ways is the one for me. For hundreds of years, only one way of argument was ever accepted. Nobody ever had

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