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Effects of NAFTA on the RGV

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was a bill implemented on January 1st, 1994. Presented by President Clinton, NAFTA wanted to introduce free unrestricted trade between everyone on the North American continent (U.S, Canada, and Mexico) to eliminate trade taxes and increase trade. The effects of NAFTA are debated fiercely as to whether the bill had a positive or negative effect. The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is a border community that rests right on the border of Texas and Mexico and spans quite a ways both east and west; all the way to the gulf. Since the RGV was so close to one of the trade partners of the NAFTA agreement, significant effects occurred in the area. NAFTA had both direct and indirect effects on the RGV positively and negatively. In 1990 the RGV was one tenth

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