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Effects of Accent on Employ-ability Custom Essay

Think of those who are writing and researching your chosen topic as your audience, and remember that you are

joining the larger conversation by sharing your position. Your goal will be to provide your readers with a unique

angle or fresh perspective on a current topic.

Commentary essay should be five full body pages, not including an APA title page and References page. APA style is

required for formatting and all referencing, including in-text citation and the end References page.

The final Commentary essay must include the following requirements:

five full body pages, plus an APA title page and references page, written in Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx);
12 point APA formatting for font, margins, spacing, running heads, page numbers, and in-text citations;
a minimum of three academic sources; and
a unique angle that takes a set position on a topic that is currently in the news.

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