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Effectiveness of Consultancy Training

Topic:ÿEffectiveness of Consultancy training in times of change Description: [?] Preferred language style: English (U.K.) Dear Writer, Research the effectiveness of consultancy training at Overlap-BV (in their transformational process) from the employees point of view. The consultancy training was given at the company you work for. Because of the recession, this company needed to change to stay alive (they were in a transformational process), thats why they hired the help of a consultancy firm to rebuilds itself. This consultancy firm took the challenge, together with these clients, to implement the clients strategic plans through the development of their human resources and the innovation of their business processes. These are my research question and objectives: Research question: How effective is consultancy training in the transformational process of Overlap-BV for both the employees and the consultants? Objectives: -To define effective consultancy training with regards to the transformational process -To analyse the transformational process (of Overlap-BV) -To describe the effectiveness of the consultancy trainig at Overlap-BV according to the training consultants -To determine if the consultancy training was effective according to the employees at Overlap-BV LITERATURE REVIEW: In my literature review you need to extend the discussion of other studies conducted in this area and critically examine and evaluate the issues, ideas, debates and theoretical concepts posed by previous studies, which relate to my project. So in my literature review can you address these topics. Consultancy training in times of change -The transformational process (in companies) What effect does consultancy training have in times of change in other industries? -What is effective consultancy training from those organizations (managements) point of view? -What is effective consultancy training from the consultants point of view? For the literature review you need to find as many sources as you can, and preferably all academic journals (and some relevant books).The sources need to be dated from not to long ago, so between now and a couple of years back (the research still has to be relevant). No sources from magazines, newspapers and internet sites!

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