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For this assignment you are asked to critically reflect on an early childhood curriculum model (you can choose socio-cultural approaches?Ive got 2 powerpoint presentation slides on sociocultural approaches from my classmates, will share them with you so you know where to get the references from). 1. Choose one of the following four early childhood curriculum models or approaches: Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP); postmodern, poststructural and critical theory approaches; socio-cultural approaches; or Reggio Emilia. 2. Briefly describe the theoretical, pedagogical and/or philosophical underpinnings of the model. Describe what form the following programme elements would take in the model, and explain why they would take that form: processes of the planning cycle; teaching and learning strategies; the learning environment. Where appropriate, compare and contrast with how these elements would appear in other early childhood curriculum models. 3. Would the model account for diversity?If so how? 4. Would the model involve families and/or communities as an important part of the programme? Why or why not? 5. Search the literature for the most recent available research evidence on the effectiveness of the model, or important elements of it. Describe and evaluate the quality of the evidence you find (for example, is the research evidence limited or extensive? Recent or outdated? Large-scale or small-scale studies? Quantitative or qualitative? High or low quality? Australia-based or international? Early childhood focused?). Summarise and discuss what the research evidence says about the effectiveness of the model, or elements of it. 6. Finally you are asked to personally reflect on the curriculum model. Summarise what you see as its strengths, as well as its actual or potential limitations. Where appropriate, compare with other early childhood curriculum models. If you adopted this model as a graduate teacher, how could you overcome or minimise these limitations?

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