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Discuss the similarities and differences between managers, supervisors, and bureaucrats. 2

€˜Muddiest Point’: This question should highlight the muddiest point from the readings the thing that confused you the most and that you’d like to discuss in class. This response should be in paragraph form, referencing both the page number from the reading and what leaves you perplexed, baffled, and be-wildered. (5 pts.) PRT Story: You are also invited to post one story about how a specific concept in the text applies to parks, recreation, and tourism. This is an opportunity to make a connection with the course material in a creative way. Think of PRT experiences you have had that relate to what the authors discuss in the readings, and share connections and insights from your own personal experience. This response should be a minimum of one paragraph and reference page number(s) and concept(s) from the readings. (5 pts.) Example:1.In this weeks readings my muddiest point came from a section in Edington where it discussed the similarities and differences between managers, supervisors, and bureaucrats. On paage14 it gives definitions of the three positions stating, The manager is differentiated from the supervisor and bureaucrat in that this person is selected for his or her intellectual capacity not technical knowledge. So what exactly is the difference between intellectual capacity and technical knowledge?     The summary on page 68 in Boleman and Deal summarizes the basic concepts of The Structural Frame specifically the twin issues of differentiation and integration€¦ Once I came to understand this as being the way a successful organization operates I decided to apply the framework to a travel company I have just had an experience with. The way this organization divided work by creating a variety of specialized roles, functions, and units. worked perfectly on our trip with the company, everything was thought of in advanced and it all ran perfectly smooth. They certainly used vertical and horizontal procedures to lash the many elements together€¦ from the way the cooks worked together with the Sherpa and guides as well as the companies office personal working with the transportation companies and the lodging, lots of moving parts being managed by many different people. example2. I feel like the thing that was the muddiest point from these readings is what happens if you cannot mentor based on strengths? I have worked with people that do not carry many of the strengths or good judgment to work with teenagers that have learning disabilities and other struggles. Do these people just fall to the wayside and lose their jobs or do they finally find a place that can be coached? As a manager where does the discretion lie? Personal Story: At my current job, my manager uses people where they are the best resource. I am currently teaching other staff the importance of soft skills and using compassion and empathy while working with the population that we serve. He has used strength based coaching to see my strength in my soft skills while working with our clients.

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