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Diabetes Mellitus: Symptoms, Prognosis, and Living

Diabetes affects many people around the world even children are affected by this disease and as of 2011 25 million people in the United States had some sort of Diabetes condition. Diabetes is basically the bodys inability to control the blood sugar levels. This can lead to many complications such as a diabetic coma, which is very dangerous. There is no cure for diabetes the only thing that can be done is to control it, and have the patient continue with their life. Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes mellitus, or diabetes, has affected many people around the world, and it forces those people to take up a different lifestyle than the one they might be used to. The basic definition of diabetes is high glucose levels in our blood that affects our bodys capability to produce/use insulin. There are three types of diabetes, which are Type 1 (detected during childhood), Type 2 (usually in older people) , and Gestational Diabetes(during pregnancy) all of these are usually detected in different times of our life. Living with diabetes can be very challenging for some

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