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Development of a Code of Ethics: It Challenges

In our modern era of business and society, Information Technology has become an overwhelming system integrated in just about all aspects of our lives. Cell phones, computers, social networks, websites, email, etc. are but just a few examples of how IT is used and distributed throughout society. What was once a society that was based on manual transactions and labor has now become predominantly computerized and electronic. Our mode of living has become faster and we now move and do things at a quicker pace because of new technology. This is even truer within business organizations; businesses use IT in just about every department of their organization. Marketing, HR, payroll, communication, billing, security, etc. all use some type of IT within their respective departments to function at a more efficient and quicker pace. Through information technology, many (or few) people have direct access to personal and non-personal information about the organization and the people that are apart of it. Because of the amount of access and information a person can gain through IT within a business, there should be an ethical standard applied within the

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