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Design and carry out a small scale Content Analysis of a sample of British national newspapers and produce a Content Analysis on How do the British national newspaper report on Crime? Custom Paper

2)The Content analysis report result of the analysis should be in the format of academic research outlined below:
B)Brief but succinct review of Literature
C)Method and Sample
The report is expected to explain the following;
1)How you have identified and selected relevant previous research and Literature for a brief review.
2)Do not analyse all British national newspapers,rather select a sample of these and explain in the report why and on what grounds you have selected particular newspaper for analysis
3)The time period selected for analysis eg a week or a month
4)The criteria used for determining whether a newspaper article should be included in the analysis eg,selected keywords relevant to the topic of analysis must appear in the headline or at the start of the article.
5)Explain the rational for the variables selected/ developed for content analysis coding
6)Also explain how the coding variables are expected to provide evidence that will enable you to address /answer the general objectives of your content analysis
7)Include in the main text of your report or in the appendix,a clear description of your ‘code book/manual’
8)Present your findings with the help as appropriate , of tables or graphs or account for the kinds of analysis that you have chosen
In the concluding part if your report,outline your conclusions and reflect critically on your research eg, Did it show what you expected it to show?
Were there aspects of the sampling strategy or analysis that did not work as well as you had hoped they would?
9)Were there parts of the analysis that might have been tackled differently
Also for the analysis,Analyse / Code the the articles in your sample and enter the analysis data into a suitable programme(eg Excel or SPSS)
Analyse your data and decide on which result tables or grafts to include in your report

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