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Dental Technology: Record Blocks & Articulators Custom Essay

Dental Technology Fundamentals; Record Blocks and Articulators
Task 1: Record Blocks
Describe the standard design criteria used to construct full and partial record blocks, include:
• model analysis, peripheral outline, undercuts, materials and the reasons for using this recognised criteria i.e. maxillary labial contour 10mm forward of incisive papilla in order to restore the labial nasal to 90° etc.

Task 2: Record Blocks
Study in detail the information that is registered on record blocks by the dentist and then explain how it is used by the technician in the construction of a dental appliance i.e. centre line to position of front teeth etc.

Task 3: Articulators
Identify the 4 different types of articulator (i.e. plane line or simple hinge, average value or fixed condylar path, semi-adjustable anatomical & fully-adjustable anatomical) used in a dental laboratory and then describe:
• their classification.
• the difference between an arcon and non-arcon articulator.
• the different dental specialties they are used for.

Task 4: Articulators
Describe with the aid of images how models and record blocks are used to articulate to the different types of articulator, include:
• model preparation, split cast technique and the information transferred from the blocks to the articulated models.

Task 5: Articulators
Examine the different type of identified articulator and then compare each by describing:
• their design features and how they are adjusted.
• how each part of the articulator attempts to simulate jaw movements.
• how efficient the parts of the articulator are in achieving true jaw movements.

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