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Critically evaluate the effectiveness of rational/emotional appeals in financial services advertising Research Paper

Essay that critically evaluates the effectiveness of rational/emotional appeals in financial services advertising. Some believe that “emotional appeals are more effective than rational appeals”. Is this true for financial services advertising?
Focus on financial service provider “Barclays Bank”, choose its recent advertising ((Barclays Pingit) and answer the following questions.

Part 1: Briefly introduce your advert. Who is the advert’s target audience(s)? What are the possible objectives of the advert? What is the message? What specific appeal(s) has been used by your chosen advertisement? Remember to provide theoretical justification. (40%)

Part 2: How effective is the advertisement? Does the premise apply to your context? Why/why not? What recommendations can be made to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisement? Remember to apply appropriate theories to justify your answer. (60%)

– Your essay should be coherent and succinct. Your evaluation, argument and suggestion should be well supported by credible sources. Common references include books, academic articles, database and newspaper.

– Information source must be cited and presented in the APA referencing style.

– A full plan of the assignment will be attached, in which the essay structure should follow and include the points.

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