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Criminal Justice Arguments Essay Paper

 Several players interact with each other in the courtroom. Of those players, we see two profiles often in popular media: criminal defense lawyers and the prosecution. Both are responsible for taking a case from its preliminary phases to trial and beyond. Both gather evidence, interview witnesses, and develop possible arguments for their cases. Both are responsible for presenting the best outcome, whether they believe in the reasoning or not. In this assignment, you will have the experience of developing an argument for a criminal case.Activity Details Identify a criminal case that you feel passionately about. Find an article related to a criminal case in the Argosy University online library to use in the summary.Complete the following tasks.Write a one-page summary of the case. The summary should include: Write a one-page argument for the defendant as if you were the defense attorney on the case. In your argument: Write a one-page argument as if you were the prosecutor on the case. In your argument: Conduct an internet search of government and career sites (e.g.,,, etc) to locate recent information on the career prospects for Defense Attorneys/Prosecutors in your geographic location. Present your findings, including related job titles, potential employers, a summary of this job function, the education and experience required to qualify for this position, and the average salary one could expect to earn. Save and submit the assignment.Submission Details:All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources. 

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