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Topic:ÿÿÿ Creative Writing (14 assignments) Order additional information Instructions: Write a short story, 3 pages long, in which you create a person, a place, and a predicament. Focus on a character that is in position or a context of great stress.Make his or her feelings vivid.Give resolution to conflict.You can of course have the person decide to change his or her life, or you can decide to portray the person as simply deciding to endure the situation.If you decide that there will be no change, at least make the reader feel the sense of conflict and hope that there must be a change.Give your story worth. Write a short piece,one page, about in which you create your own sataric piece. You might start by thinking of some proper, even official piece of writing that you encounter, and turn it into something absurd. Write a one page modest proposal; take some serious social problem or issue and decribe snd propose an exaggerated and absurd solution. Remember to keep the tone serious and dead pan but take your idea to the ridiculous extreme. Ex Swifts ?A Modest Proposal Write a poem, approx. 1 page long. Write the poem in either the style of Emily Dickinson or Williams Carlos Williams.Play with the spacing. The poem does not need to ryme. Follow writing prompt from Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. Write a poem, approx. one page long. based on the idea of creating network of images.In this case, decide you will refer to everyting or everybody in terms of trees, or farm animals, or the language of astronomy.Decide you will write about your family and friends;comparing each to some image which is part of the is network. For example, you could decide that each member your family could be compared to a car. Spacing is a plus in poem style. Write a 2 page story like the character Beattie from Updikes ?A and P.Describe a relationship that has three phases, but portray each using some kind of image that evokes a mood. You could even decide to write about a party you attended, or a visit to someones home that could be said to fall into three phases. Write an 8 page original short story. Story must have a title, and of course a person, place and predicament. It should contain a setting that interests you and which you can vividly describe and there should, most probably, be some dialogue. 4 pages.Write 2 satires of 2 pages in length each. Each satire needs a title. This needs to be outrageous, wacky and entertaining. The satire should progress to a greater and greater obsurdity as in swifts Modest Proposal. Ex. More and more dishes can be made out of cooked infants. Write a 2 page sort parable in a sci fi or fantastic mode if you wish which illustrates something you wish to say about modern society. Give it a title. One page assingment.Write your own version of Woody Allens ?The Kugelmass Episode. That is suspend the normal laws that operate.In this piece, the premise is that a machine can put a character inside a work of fiction.Decide to take a recognizable, conventional story (Allen takes up the case of a man dissatisfied in his marrige) and add a twist to it. Invent your own premise and write your own story. Write two poems in the style of Ezra Pound. Poems are 1 page each. Must have title. Write a one page poem in the style of Allen Ginsberg. Poem needs title. 3 page tri-modal. Choose an experience. Write the same original experience in three different forms. 1 page poem. 1 page satire. 1 page fiction short story. Hand in one long original poem or several short original poems total of 45 lines. Put title for each poem. 2 pages.

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