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Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining /Economic Supplements under Collective Bargaining This paper is related to Collective Bargaining. Conduct research on Qatar Airway-Airline and create a 2 page paper that answers the following questions.ÿ Please provide references. 1. What are some employee benefits as it relates to pension and retirement? 2.ÿÿÿ Does the company offer insurance benefits to all employees or only full time employees? 3.ÿÿÿ Does the company offer paid vacation? 4.ÿÿÿ Does the company offer dismissal of severance pay? 5.ÿÿÿ What are some circumstances that dismissal and severance pay is offered? 6.ÿÿÿ Does the company have voluntary retirement age? 7.ÿÿÿ Does the company offer a retirement savings plan? 8.ÿÿÿ Does the company offer holiday pay?

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