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Collaboration and Argument, How and Does this Change a Research Paper?

Collaboration is defined as working jointly with other or together especially in an intellectual endeavor ( When working collaboratively, you must consider views and ideas of others working within a specific topic or project. This collaboration should consist of each participants ideas or thoughts. These ideas and thoughts should equally contribute to the final outcome or result of the project. In collaboration, each participants views should equally be shared. Collaboration changes the research paper because it must involves more than one source, specifically for information or investigating. Instead of researching one creditable source, for collaboration, you must research one topic with multiple sources. Collaboration can make it easier or harder to evaluate sources. When collaborating, both sources must be creditable and share similar views in order for the sources to be compared apples to apples. In collaboration does not have to be the exact same as the other participants, however, it should collectively affect the final result. Research is defined as: studious inquiry or examination;especially:investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws

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