Clasification and division prewritting and classification and division essay Custom Essay

Classification and Division Pre-Writing Objective. You’ll use a graphic organizer to prewrite a classification/
division assignment around a selected topic from the given list. The prewriting will demonstrate an understating of this
method of categorization and arrangement.
Topic You will choose one of the following topic areas. Review the graphic organizer on page 425. The graphic organizer that you create doesn’t need to have boxed outlines or arrows, but it should show your organization.
Choose one of the following topics, and divide it into classes.
■ Sports, either general or types of fans
■ Genres of movies, television shows, or video games
■ Animals, either general or one specific breed
■ Illnesses, either general or a specific illness
■ Parenting styles
As an example, the following is a graphic organizer for the topic “Types of Food.”

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