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Children, Educational Settings and Society Assessment

Australian early childhood national curriculum is underpinned by the Australian sociocultural concepts which can be taken into account like children as individual, as a social being and as a part of environment. Smidt (2006) contends that childhood itself cannot be seen as a single simple concept but one that has to take on the diversity of the reality of childhoods across the world. The development of children, which can be seen as intellectual, physical and emotional, is overwhelmingly influenced through their own learning behavior, their interaction with educational settings and local communities as well as the development of society. It is concerned with individuals achieving their maximal competencies intellectually, physically and emotionally as a result of interactions within a positive social environment and avoidance of poor health, educational, behavioral and criminal outcomes and the resulting huge social and economic cost to society (The Prime Ministers Science, Engineering and Innovation Council, 2001). Sociocultural are influenced by participants race, ethnicity, home language, school, health service, cultural organization, child care policy, social norms, attitudes, shared values and history ( Rogoff, 2003). Due to the specific situation in Australia, which the

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