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Case Study: Authority and Leadership and Motivational Conflict Resolution Custom Essay

This order is for two different discussions, the first discussion will go on page one and the second on the second page, please site

within the duscussion where references were used at the end of reference with brackets (authors name, date) each discussion should

have its own reference page.

To participate in the following discussions, go to this week’s Discussion link in the left navigation.

1. Case Study: Authority and Leadership

Review the details of the case Authority and Leadership: Rising From the Ranks from your course text, and respond to the following


1. Identify the potential advantages Julie might enjoy in becoming manager of a group of which she has long been a member, and

contrast these with the possible disadvantages that might present themselves because she has long been a member of this group.
2. Describe how Julie will have to proceed in establishing herself as the legitimate possessor or supervisory authority on the unit,

and describe the sources and forms of Julie’s authority.

2. Motivational Conflict Resolution

Select either Option A or Option B and indicate in your post which option you have selected.

In any organization, regardless of the industry, some level of conflict and/or office bickering is inevitable and may have a damaging

impact on productivity and motivation or morale. However, it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that conflict is avoided

whenever possible, and when it does occur, it is handled in an appropriate and respectful manner. With this in mind, listen to the

podcast, Stop the Medical Office Bickering and respond to your selected option.

Option A: Case Study: A Matter of Motivation: The Delayed Promotion

Review the details of the case above from your course text, and respond to the following questions:

1. Thoroughly analyze the likely state of your ability to motivate yourself in your new position. In the process, comment to whatever

extent you feel necessary on your level of confidence in the relative stability of your position and how this might affect your

2. Describe the most likely motivational state of your HIM staff at the time you assumed the director’s position, and explain in

detail why this state probably exists.
3. Based on the podcast, what are some proactive strategies that management could have used to reduce the potential for conflict in

this situation?

Option B: Case Study: Charting a Course for Conflict Resolution: “It’s a Policy”

Review the details of the case above from your course text, and respond to the following questions:

4. Develop the argument you would be advocating if you were in George Mann’s position. In a similar fashion, thoroughly develop the

argument you would advance if you were in Sally Carter’s position.
5. Assuming the position of CEO, Jane Arnold, render a decision. Document your decision in whatever detail may be necessary, and

include a complete explanation for your decision.
6. Based on the foregoing, outline whatever steps (e.g., policy changes, guidelines, payroll requirements, or something else) you

believe should be considered to minimize the chances of similar conflict in the future.
please use one reference for each discussion.

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