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This assignment is a written paper of the case
analysis of an adult service member or veteran
client presented in class by instructor. The
paper requires a biopsychosocial (spiritual)
assessment. Include the appropriate DSM V diagnosis. This assessment will determine
the appropriate evidenced-based practice intervention (from those discussed in class
and in the clinical literature)
to match the needs identified for the client. The development of a phase-oriented, culturally
responsive, research-informed practice plan that involves diverse practice modalities (e.g.,
individual, group, couple/ and/or clinical case management) should also be included. Issues of diversity, gender, race, ethics and

use of professional self (including transference/countertransference phenomena) should be explored.The paper should be
5-6 pages in content.
Student must cite according to APA style.
The paper must use 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced.
Grading criteria:
1.Appropriately assessed the client using the biopsychosocial(spiritual). This section
should be concise and provide evidence that supports the diagnosis.
2.Provided and supported the appropriate diagnosis or diagnoses from the DSM. The
diagnosis should be clearly supported by elements in the assessment.
3.Applied evidence-based interventions based
upon the assessment. (Select one or two
interventions and explain their
application in detail. If the client has multiple
diagnoses, select the primary diagnosis to apply the intervention. )
4.Included citations from scholarly sources(Minimum of 10 sources–Three must be
readings that are not contained in the syllabus
and one of the three must pertain to
5.Included a discussion of the problem in the military and the context for the client.
For example, if the client has PTSD, discuss and analyze PTSD in the military and examine how the client fits into the broader

problem of PTSD.
6.Discussed use of professional self (i.e., transference and countertransference)
.7.Examined issues of diversity, gender, race, and

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