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Canadian History of Families Book Review Research Paper

Book Review – 20%

Length: 6-8 pages (1,500 – 2,000 words) in essay format write a critical book review of one of two required

texts. Your analysis must have a discernable introduction, body of critical analysis/critical argument, and

conclusion. Other course materials may be used to form your critical judgements. If critical reviews of the book

chosen are consulted, they must be cited in your bibliography.

Due on Day 4 of Week Seven. Submit the assignment via via email to the Book Review dropbox.


Students will prepare a critical book review of either of two books: Backhouse and Backhouse, “The Heiress vs

the Establishment, Mrs. Campbell’s Campaign for Legal Justice” or Strong-Boag’s “Fostering Nation? Canada

Confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage”
Assignments should be double spaced, in size twelve font, and should include proper Chicago style footnotes or

The review should be 6 to 8 pages in length (not including the cover page and the bibliography).
There are no additional files for this that I have. I do not care about which book is chosen to review. Just if

you can please do whichever one you have easiest access to.

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