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This week, you begin writing your journal entries. This journal is designed to give you practice in academic writing, which is very different from the personal essay writing that you have been practicing. Academic writing entails making a point and supporting that point with information from a reputable source. There are three ways to support a point with information from a source: quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing. This week, you will practice quoting a source and citing that source in your journal entry. Please be sure to read and review the document, which describes how to integrate quotations. You should also review and .: The journal assignment should not be confused with a personal journal. This activity requires organization, effective stylistics and grammar, and proper source incorporation. It is not a free-writing or reflective writing exercise.Both of the personal essays we have read this week, and , use narrative and/or descriptive elements (refer to sections 6.3 and 6.4 in ), and each has a clear purpose.Write about one of the essays assigned in this week’s readings. In 250 to 500 wordsAs you are writing this journal entry, please pay attention to the areas that you struggled with in your Grammar Assessment quiz and Practice Essay assignment. It is advised that you check your document for originality (avoiding unintentional plagiarism) by using the Turnitin program. Please view the video for guidance on using the Turnitin program.When submitting your journal entry, make sure to

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